Decison was MADE!

The memorable date for us. Also the date which we finally made a decision to GO WITH IT! The decison to make something different, something BIG! It will be long run, but our journey starts right here, right now!


May 2022

For the first time in the game industry, you will be able to watch the creation of the game from scratch! And not only that! You will be able to change the things! Maybe you will learn something new - or maybe you will join us in the future!

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There is always the possibility of failing. But we need to show that even with obstacles, you can achieve your goal. The secret recipe is SUSTAINABILITY and PERSISTENCE.

are you experienced enough to do it?

There are a lot of things we know, and there are things we don’t know. And that is the best scenario for us, to show you, what is possible if you have enough WILL instead of experiences.

Do you have some C# developers?

Josef works as QA Specialist and he has created a lot of C# tools himself only, company-custom automation framework included. He is programming for more than 10 years, so yes.

how long do you work with the unity?

It is like 8 years since we have installed Unity for the first time, but it is like two, or three years of active use. And yes, we are still learning new things as usual in development – in general.

will you share everything, source codes included?

No. We will share everything that can help you understand how things work, but we will not share some parts of the source code. We will be also not sharing anything related to the main storyline.

can i propose some changes in your game?

Yes, there is a possibility to do so. You will be able to create your own change request. If you will be watching the Twitch streams, you can participate in the decision polls too.

can i play your game early?

No, until we release it into EARLY ACCESS (we would like to be on Steam). But yes, there will be possibility for some of you to play it even earlier, much earlier! Follow us on twitch to know more!

are you working on this project on fulltime?

No way! We have regular nine-till-five work and this is ours “evening” hobby. On top of that, we have families, children and our own life, but we will do maximum to move things forward!

how many members do you have?

We are one at the moment. But (we are) I am pretty sure, that the team will be expanded in time! I will try to do as much as I can, but time is against me, so there will be needed more people to join.

will be the game free?

No. We need to buy houses, which we want to live in! Just joking. We invest lot of time and our own money, so we will be really happy for any kind of support, so buying our game will be kind of support too!

Don’t Stop Here, there is more!

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We create - You Enjoy

Is that SIMPLE? Of course not. We will create the game from scratch and you will be able to watch that, comment that, ask or request the change!

Development Process

We are going to show you what it means when you want to create your own game. Which tools you can use, how to plan the things, how to create and maintain the Roadmap, and many more!

Game Implementation

You can watch our streams on Twitch and discuss, or ask directly on our Discord server everything you will be interested in. For sure, we will be not able to show you everything, but you will see ALMOST all!

Marketing & Delivery

The game needs marketing, and lot of work behind that. You can watch us - and on top of that - few of You, will be able to download and play early - early - earliest versions of the game!

My life is full of crazy situations, which can be for someone unbelievable, but this taught me, that everything, that is crazy CAN JUST HAPPEN, so If I should have a crazy project full of unicorns and finish it by myself – yes, THAT CAN HAPPEN! It is unbelievable and crazy – and this is exactly the reason, why I have trust in it!

Josef Širůčka

CEO / Lead Developer

E-Mail: josef@existentunicorn.com