Work with us
The team will be growing (soon?)

We will need a bigger team, for sure! So there will be possibilities for You TOO!

But till this time come, all our job positions are closed.

Stay tuned! Join our discord server to keep informed about any news!

But for now, we will share the jobs we will open when the situation comes.

Are you a guy who will edit videos? Our social media deserves the best videos at all. You will need to know how to edit videos and add CGI to fake our faces so that we will look like Robert Downey Jr. (just joking).

Do you want to take care of our chat on Twitch – we want to bring a good mood to our twitch sessions, and we don’t need haters and these kinds of people on our social media. So, you can enjoy it by gifting the bans there!

There will be a need to have a skilled 3D Artist in the future to create beautiful 3D models for our game! As we are not so much experienced with the Blender – this guy needs to love it!

Yeah, we don’t speak English too well, and we want to have at least the web-pages well written, so this guy, should know English!

About the company

We are a unique Czech Made Game Development Studio based in Zlín. We have big ambitions to be a big studio one day.
We do exceptional game development. We will share the whole process of creating our game with fans, other game developers, and gamers. Some of you will be able to change things in the game!