How does it work?

How does it work? This is the overview article about it. Also, some details about what are we going to show you and whatnot.

In this article, you can find out how this whole “Unicorn” thing will work.

What is this Unicorn thing about?

We will develop a game from scratch and share as much information about it as possible. We will share not only development news but also our background, process, marketing, and how we plan or specify things. We want to share many aspects of the whole game development with you.

So you will be able to learn something from us, maybe we will inspire you to do it too, perhaps you will find out you want to join us, or maybe you will just enjoy the times watching this hard work.

Can this work? Definitely, as we will try to keep development ahead of the streams and website articles. So you will receive probably a working solution view.

What we will be going exactly? Let’s check this “list” what we will be doing and what you can see:

Most of the information will be streamed on Twitch; we will be:

  • planning the whole development process
  • making tons of specification
  • designing a game from scratch (the characters, gameplay, stories, lore, etc…)
  • solving technological bottlenecks
  • showing you how to work with Unity
  • presenting our progress
  • showing how some technical things work in the game world.
  • unrevealing all tools we use (the free ones and the licensed ones too)
  • 3D modeling our objects
  • creating UI/UX for a game
  • finding correct sounds, textures, assets, and things for a game!
  • discuss marketing & Steam deliveries
  • (maybe making music for our game!)

So, what you can do with us? We will be talking on discord too! There will be channels where you can:

  • just talk with us
  • to find some inspiration
  • to join our POLLS, where we will decide together which aspects of the game we will add!
  • read back-stories from our lives
  • and see some early and development screenshots!

…and many more!

Start with the basic fact.

You need to understand this about game development:

Game development needs a time (a lot of time), so we cannot give you an “estimation” of when the game will be out at the moment. But we can say that you can expect the final product in 7 – 10 years (plus-minus five years). But no worries, we will be sharing our continuous road map directly on streams and here too!

We will be ahead of YOU.

The game development will always be ahead of the streams (currently, we are like 6 months of the work done). We have a severe reason for that. It is not because we want to hide or fake something. Game development is complicated, and even for such skilled people as we are, it is, from time to time, challenging to implement the things we want. And we are pretty sure it will be boring to watch the stream, where basically nothing happens for hours (and believe us, it is happening a more often than you think).
So we will always prepare excellent output, and we hope the streams will be smooth and friendly! But you know Murphy’s laws…

No streams with direct development?

We are pretty sure there will be some of them that we will share! But this will occasionally occur, so don’t forget to follow us on our social media, where we will share that this will happen!

Nobody will buy your game because they will see everything…

We have some things that will never be revealed on the streams or anywhere, and this confidential information will not be disclosed until RELEASE 1.0. So basically, you will know our game, but you will not know the main storyline (which is fundamental for our game). Little details and a lot of content will be added. We want to have a lot of surprises in the final product, no worries.

Will you share your source code?

Nope. We are not doing this as we want to sell our game later on Steam. But we will share some basic concepts of the code on Twitch. You will have no access to the code, but you can use our project to create your own!

Aren’t you scared that somebody will do the same?

No, as Publilius Syrus said:


“When two do the same thing, it is not the same after all.”

Are you experienced enough to do this?

We are sure that we don’t know everything; basically, we don’t know what we don’t know. But we are also confident that we are very dynamic and can solve really complex problems very fast! This ability is the warranty of success!

If you are interested or curious about our team, read this article, or if you want to read something related to our CEO programming history, read this article about me (my name’s Josef, btw).

Still don’t know how does it work?

Just join us on our discord server and ask! We are open to answering your questions – or you can use our contact form!

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