Why would somebody do the things we do? What is our motivation? WE are going to answer these questions!

Motivation for your dreams!

We know that development is difficult! And Game Development is even more complicated. Every aspect of the creation is challenging, but we want to show You – that you don’t need experiences, millions of dollars (yeah, it will be nice to have them!), or a full team of people to make your dream come true! Let’s find out, what is our motivation to do all of this!

The reality show

We want to be a studio, which is not only creating the games, but we want to be a game studio, which creates another studio! Your own studios! We want to create good developers! We want to motivate the people to be not scared to start building their own dreams.

We build our dream RIGHT NOW! We are trying to do something that has never ever been done before! You can watch our reality show – about how to build your dream game!

But You have not enough experiences

We have created ZERO games till now, yes! We have no 3D experience. We don’t know many things – and on top of that WE EVEN DON’T KNOW – WHAT WE DON’T KNOW (which is a little bit scary! But we have something, that we want to share with you – courage! We want to show you, that you can be anything you want if you have the drive and will!

So, what we can offer you?

Yeah, we will not give you a recipe to make millions. We even don’t give you hope, that your “things” will work or that they will be great… BUT we can give a more important thing!

If you want to make something You like and you wait until something happens, don’t waste your time, just do it – without expectation of the results! We have some goals with Existent Unicorn, and we will be happy if there will be some money from it, but more important is the way and progress!

Make progress, not perfection!

The way is that thing that makes you happy. The way is that thing that learns you. The way is that thing that gives you experiences. That way – build your dream!

And this is it! We are going to show you, that even if there are obstacles, you can jump over them! Maybe not on the first try, maybe not on the second, but if you are able to learn from your failures, you will grow, and so your experiences – and you will be closer and closer to your happiness.

How does it work in reality? Check out our post about it!

Your progress and motivation is our goal!

We want to make you BETTER and help you with your own motivation! If you will be happy, so we will be!

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