Our Goals

We would like to let you know our goals! What do we want to achieve? Will we do it for the money? Let's talk about it!

First, let’s explain why we really do it.

In the first row, we want to motivate you to try to do the same as we do! So, let’s read more about it in this article.

But for sure, we have more reasons to do:

  • We want to have our own product – which is a video game
  • We want to have a great community where we can discuss things about the game
  • We want to learn things we don’t know
  • We want to teach YOU stuff we know!
  • We want to gain our experiences with game development
  • We want to show you that you can do it TOO!
  • We want to have a game studio that will be exceptional & unique
  • and to be honest, we want to make some money to make the studio great!

Our main goals

There are three main goals that we want to achieve:

  • Create a successful game studio based in Zlín in the Czech Republic
  • Create a successful game!
  • Create a vast game devs/gamers community

Secondary goals

We want to build a unique game studio where people will find motivation, information, and courage to create their own Game Studio.

You do it only for money!

Definitely not. We want to make some money because we invest our money and time into this project. But it is not the most important reason.

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