Our Team

Let's talk about our team and talk about the future.

This is a little bit funny. We are a one-member team. For now! But we believe that the team will grow in time! So always, when you read “we,” please understand it stands for “I.” Why? Because I believe there will be no I without you and others, we are “we.”

Will you do everything by yourself?

Yes, for now, but there are so many things to do! So everything you’ll see, everything is made by myself. But for such a project of this size, I cannot handle this for a long time, so when the project is growing, I will search for exceptional people to join. For now, I know the project will need people with these experiences (so these positions will be opened soon, most probably):

  • Content creator (the guy who will take care of editing videos for our YouTube channel)
  • 3D Artist (the guy who loves Blender)
  • Moderator (the guy who will BAN bad people from our chats)
  • and many more

But this time has not come yet! We will share all possible open offers on the Career page.

So, let me introduce our small team!

A few words about myself

My little me

My name is Josef. I am still young enough to do something big, even though I have walked around this globe for almost 40 years. And I need to tell you, I love programming! I started with programming when I was like 13 years old in Q-Basic in DOS 6.22 from articles that were published in a Czech famous magazine for children ABC (ábíčko) series called “We starts with QBasic,” but my history is not part of this article (it is too much to say – there will be a post about myself soon).

Currently working as the Senior QA Senior Specialist (that guy all developers hate for reporting bugs), I have a happy family – one wife and one little son.

I fell in love with automation in my job, so I am trying to automate everything that can be automated and make sense! Most probably, this can be the exact reason why I love games like Satisfactory or Factorio.

Factorio & Satisfac(s)tory

These two games really make me think about my own game! So it needs to be mentioned here. I love Satisfactory so much that I have joined the translator’s team and am helping to translate it into the Czech language (so yes, you can find my name directly in the game in Credits! yeeeey).
Factorio is unique in my heart because it is a Czech-made game! I have 100% achievements and almost 760 hours spent in that game! And if you ask how I did it, I spent half the year planning and trying until I could finish the most challenging achievement (Finish the game within eight hours).

Other games

But for sure, I am not playing only these two; I have a passion also for the Survival type of games. So the Subnautica is on my gaming list too. For example, from the RPG genre, I love The Witcher 3.

I will be called madman, but I need to say that! I really like Cyberpunk 2077!!! (yeah, the bugs, but the story is excellent, I would say). Games like RimWorld, or Oxygen not included are also favorite ones.

What about our game?

So if you ask me: “What will be your game about?” I will probably answer: “Yes, all of them” Does this not make sense? Yes, exactly! 

I always wanted to have my own game but never ever before had a chance to learn how to program it. I have tried to create my own engine, but understanding the matrix calculations for the third dimension was too much for me in 2003, and to be honest, this is valid today. Fortunately, we have Unity, so I don’t need to learn matrix calculations anymore (unfortunately – more maths comes….)

But I am happy because I can use C# there! And that is a BIG WIN for me!

So there we are today! I look forward to sharing a lot with the game development, so I can also motivate YOU to join or create your own game; why? Because YOU CAN!

Will be “Our” Team one-man-show forever?

As was already answered – definitely no. We need to grow in time, but for now, we need to create some fundamental basics, which we can expand so we have something to offer. But we will be pleased if you want to join us on such a unique project as we have!

If you want – you can join our discord server and talk with us, and maybe you will join! Who knows?

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