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Just survive! Or not?

Combination of Top-down view strategic and 3rd person PC game, where you need to survive! You need to be a master to survive this hostile planet! Your primary tasks in the Survival Master game will be focused on automating the resources to maintain your health and your base. If you can build stable life on this planet, you will find that you are not alone there! And on top of that, something extraordinary is happening there.

Ok, this looks like any other survival game. Why is the Survival Master game so UNIQUE?

Survive at first!

Are you looking for a realistic game? Survival Master IS! You need to take care of your drinking regimen (with water purity checks!), find some food, and check the oxygen respirability and its levels, the surrounding temperature, the toxicity (or possible radioactivity) of the environment, and in the end, take care of your injuries!

Real Futuristic Feeling!

Ok, another game in the future that uses fire; that is nonsense! And we agree! We will give you a game with a natural futuristic feel! Before we implement any game mechanic, we will ask ourselves: “Will be this in the future like this? NO! So, what will be “this” like in the future?”. Finally, the real futuristic game is here!

Manual work? no way!

Everybody hates manual work, especially in the future. You can automate everything you will need for your survival! But it will not be easy at all! Every automation has its specific requirements! Some need electricity, some will needs unique materials, and the other needs your attention! What will happen when something is missing there? Disaster!

Real Time Travel!

There will be time-traveling for the first time in the game industry! No fakes, no baits, we are not kidding! Your future you is going to help you during the playing Survival Master! Yeeeey! But wait a moment. How can the future me know what I need? There is no catch! We will simulate real time-traveling from the future back to the past! Do we have a time machine? Maybe 🙂

Micro to Macro!

Do you like the games where you start building the conveyor belts here and there? And after a few hours, millions of items are produced, kilometers of conveyor belts and many messes are everywhere? No in the survival master! Your management will grow with you, making only the wrong and good decisions! You can always control everything if needed – you are the boss!

Online World Single Player?

Currently the newest idea! Sounds crazy? YES – in many ways!!! But we will keep the secrets here

for now!

survival master

Main plot

Survival Master

On Earth would be the year 2187, but there’s nobody on the Earth anymore, so nobody takes care of this number. The Earth is dead, unhabitable. People have destroyed it. Around the year 2040, the pandemic situation was finally solved, but it was too late for the ecology. People thought they could stop it, but ignorance led to the global disaster. For more than one hundred years, they fought with this disaster until they understood that the Earth was no longer habitable for them.

Fortunately, this global disaster caused all countries to join! They were able to cooperate as one! The technologies made tremendous progress. Interstellar travel, almost healthy life, improved energetics, and many more. With these technologies, humanity prepared two massive ships to save its own race. There was no time for more. So these two spaceships were sent to find a new planet to live on.

Thousands of carefully chosen people on each vessel travel now through the unknown space in stasis and risk their own lives for the whole of humankind. Until…


when the game will be released?

Nobody knows. We are in the beginning of the process with huge workload ahead us.

On which platform the game will be available?

We hope, that Steam will cover all our needs.

Will be there a version for mobiles or consoles?

No. The game will be strictly for PC only.

Do you have some demo, videos or at least screenshots?

Not now. But we understand that hungry. We will share some when will be the right time.

what will be the cost of the game?

It depends on how the project will be successful. Something between zero and something 🙂

is this even possible to finish?

Where there is a will, there is a way.