Dev Log #1

A lot of work brings a lot of chaos, and we know it. So let's read our news related to how we will work together.

We did a lot of work during the last two weeks, and some streams, posts, and shared information were chaotic. This is the first lesson learned. Next, we must change our work organization and find ways to keep things clear!

Dev Logs

These kinds of dev logs will appear on the web in two weeks. But if we consider that there is not so much information, maybe we will release these posts every three or four weeks. We will see.

Development hints – Discord first

As we have shared some development hints on our Facebook and Instagram, there will be a new rule.

We will continue with our development hints, but we will share them first on our discord server in channel #hints, where anybody has access to it – always on Sunday before the stream! Then it will be published on our social media! This will be a little bonus for the ones who are connected to our primary communication channel – which is Discord.

Streams schedule

The streams were primarily random in the last few days, which is difficult for our fans to watch all of them. So we make a decision to make two streams per week.

Weekly dev stream

The first stream will always be on Sunday. It will always start between 20:00 and 20:30 (but it can begin a little late due to waiting for my son to fall asleep. The length of the stream will be between one and two hours.

We will make reviews of currently implemented features to the Survival Master game. And also, we will be talking about the following plans in the short-term period.

Weekly Implementation stream

The second stream will always be on Friday. The start will be the same as the Weekly dev stream, but the length can be longer.

The content of this stream will be various. We will implement new features together or just talk about the features. We will plan the things, OR we will prepare the specifications.

Stream Announcements

Streams will be not announced on Facebook. Instead, they will be told on the discord server in the #twitch-streams channel.


What will be our Facebook for? First, we will share news related to the web pages here. And for sure, the information will be shared on Discord too. Also, the development hints will be posted there. But in general, we want to have some kind of identity, and Facebook is an excellent tool for this.

Web page update

In the last week, we have also tried optimizing the look of the pages for mobiles, so now you should be able to visualize our web in better form. But we are in the process, and we are still trying to optimize it.

And finally, what about the game?

Our game is growing each day. We have started with the git and implemented the camera and cursor controllers, and a proper new debug console is on the way. In the following days, we will begin with procedural terrain generation, which will be a vast topic for weeks.

Work organization is the key!

We will watch and improve our work organization, so you will receive much better information about everything.

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