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Our mission

At Existent Unicorn Studios, we have a crystal-clear “raison d’être” that transcends mere software and game development. With over 15 years of expertise in the IT realm, we are dedicated to melding unforgettable gaming experiences with the education of future developers. Our approach intertwines tried-and-true development methodologies and quality management, along with cutting-edge techniques focused on the latest available technologies. Simultaneously, we educate in a fun and contemporary manner, prioritizing community and communication, all driven by our three core values – Innovation, Quality, and Education.

Joška – Existent Unicorn’s Founder


The foremost of our three pivotal values is undoubtedly an innovative approach! We are not just programmers; we are pioneers exploring new frontiers in game development and beyond, delving into any realm even tangentially related to development. And we boldly embrace the use of modern AI tools!


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The second of our values is, without a doubt, quality! For us, quality is not merely a goal, but also a commitment to you. Our professional expertise in quality management destines us to consistently deliver only high-quality information and products, setting the highest possible standard in everything we do.


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The last, yet equally significant value, is education! Nobody knows everything, and we are no exception. In the IT field, it’s essential to learn every day and stay open-minded! Moreover, our goal is not just to educate ourselves, but also you! This is how we build a generation of future developers who will create games that truly entertain!


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Our portfolio

Office: Coffee & Deadlines

Do you work in an office, love coffee, and hate deadlines? We have the perfect, hilarious simulator of your work life for you!

Don’t work in an office, but love coffee and hate deadlines? No problem, now you can experience it in our unique simulator!

Don’t like coffee and love deadlines? In that case, this game might not be for you, but you can still give it a try!

(The abbreviation OCD is purely coincidental and has nothing to do with obsessive-compulsive disorder… not at all)

Discover great “office fun”!

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Life has put me in front of a series of unbelievable situations, teaching me that even the wildest dreams can become reality. If you had told me I would embark on such an unconventional project full of unicorns and would be creating it on my own, I would have believed you. The more incredible and bold the dream, the more I believe in its realization. One must simply have big dreams! Now, it’s time to stop dreaming for a moment and start working to turn my dreams into reality. I personally hope that through my studio, you will find plenty of good information, amazing inspirations, lots of great ideas, or simply make a few friends in the game development field.

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Joška – Existent Unicorn’s Founder